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SOFTWARE: photoshop

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tiled textures for 3d

SOFTWARE: photoshop

dupe layer > filter: other: offset (50% img size, 'wrap around')

Note that what this actually does is move the edges from their original location around the four sides of the image, and offset them to the center of the image. So, after you use the offset filter, you'll probably need to airbrush around the cross shaped area that runs down the middle of the image and across the middle of the image.

To create a seamless tile in photoshop for 3d stuff.

  1. Create the basic art as a psd file with exp2 file dimensions (ie 256x256, 512x512 etc) and 72dpi rez
  2. Duplicate layer
  3. Filter > other > offset
  4. Enter 50% of your files width and height as offset values
  5. Use "wrap around" option
  6. Clean up file as necessary with clone tool, airbrush. The "seams" that need to be removed now will be half way down the image, and halfway across, forming a cross shape through the middle of the image.


  1. Edit > Define Pattern
  2. Create new file twice as wide and twice as high
  3. In new file > Edit > Fill > Use Pattern > Select pattern defined above
  4. Nice for previewing how it will tile

Tweak n Save:

  1. Back in original file > tweak it with airbrush etc. until you like
  2. Flatten and Save As to create your final texture



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