flash video settings


standard server use "progressive"

If you've got a fancy pants streaming setup, you'd use different settings. But for hosting high quality, low size video on the net, flash served up as "progressive" seems to work well.

Basically, you save your raw video out of something like final cut pro as flv format. Then you dump the flv into an swf file in flash and save out a wrapper html to hold it all.

Setting for generating the flv that have worked well:

  • Video: JF full video
  • Encoding: Flv best
  • FPS: 29.97
  • Quality: Custom
  • Data: 320 kbits
  • Keyframes: custom/20
  • Motion: Better
  • Audio: 32 kps/mono
  • Aspect ratio: unlocked
  • Size: 320/240
  • Deinterlace: yes/upper

This can take a long time to generate. But, we were able to get a one hour video to look and sound good and come in at under 100megs.

Flash pro version lets you quickly pump the thing into a swf wrapper that includes the standard controls for play, pause, etc.