package install commands for fink


fink install software-name

Fink lets you choose between installing from binaries or from source packages. To install source, you need xtools installed. I'm using source for most things, partly because more software is available via source than binary.

A few commands for installing fink binaries with apt-get are listed below the source commands. Also, now there's a new tool called dselect that you can run from the shell and it looks a bit like the yast ncurses interface in suse. IE you cursor around and select things with ENTER key. dselect will install binaries, not source. It's basically a little front end interface to manually running apt-get.

Last option is that you can simply use fink commander and have a gui to search for, and install either source or binary packages. Usually, this is a bit easier than using the shell. Here are a few common commands, tho, if you're using the shell.

Source commands listed first, then binary (apt) follow under the next section.

Source Commands in the Shell

(Requires xtools installed)

Update Fink itself:

fink selfupdate

Install a package:

fink install software-name


fink remove software-name

Update all packages:

fink update-all

List available packages. This example would list all available packages that start with "php". No name after list will list all:

fink list "php*"

List installed packages:

fink list -i

Help for list function:

fink list -h

Binary Commands in the Shell

Update Fink itself:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fink

Install a package:

sudo apt-get install software-name