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chown user myfile.txt bash unix change ownership 
chmod u+w,go-w myfile.txt bash unix change permissions - manual method 
chmod 755 myfile.txt bash unix change permissions - number method 
du -sh /path/to/directory bash unix disc space of directory 
df -h bash unix disc space on linux box 
$ find . -name '*.xml' -exec grep 'mystring' {} \; bash unix find xml files containing mystring 
grep -r -i term_to_find path_to_directory bash unix grep to find stuff 
cp -R mydir /path/to/PARENTdir bash unix overwrite common files in directory when copying 
shutdown -r now bash unix restart 
scp -r servername:/remotedir /localdir/localsubdir bash unix scp across servers 
shutdown -h now I'm gonna shutdown right now! bash unix shutdown 
ln -s target link_name bash unix symlink 
tail -40 logname.log bash unix tail a file with -40 lines showing 
tar -cvzf myarchive.tgz directory_to_tar bash unix tar a directory 
tar -zxvf myfile.tar.gz bash unix untar 
curl -o myfile.txt http://www.some_url.com curl grab a url 
alter table applications add column nickname varchar(255) after monkeys; mysql add column to table 
mysql -u name -p mysql connect 
select count(distinct something) from tablename; mysql count stuff 
desc table_name; mysql describe table 
mysqldump --opt -u username -p databasename > backupfilename.sql mysql dump database 
mysql -u username -p databasename < backupfilename.sql mysql import database 
select t1.name as person, t2.name as doggie, t3.name as kitty from people as t1 left outer join dogs as t2 on t1.dog_id = t2.id left outer join cats as t3 on t1.cat_id = t3.id where t3.name = 'lumpah'; mysql left outer join 
alter table pets change dogs cats varchar(255); mysql rename existing column in table 
show databases; mysql show databases 
show grants for username@host; mysql show grants 
show tables; mysql show tables 
select t2.name from tabletwo as t2, tableone as t1 where t1.id = t2.id; mysql simple join 
update pets set doggie_name = 'rex' where doggie_name = 'oscar'; mysql update field value 
telnet ip_address_to_test port_to_test unix bash windows test both address and port 
C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc windows location of hosts file 
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